We also offer our shipping service independent of the industry. In this case, we receive the documents to be sent as well as the addresses in digital form. Printing of the documents is also possible through us.

  • Mass mailing

  • Parcel shipping

  • Catalog dispatch

  • Letter shipping

  • Promotional item shipping



Lettershop work

We offer you the entire range of mailing and lettershop services, from a pre-selection to a complete package to a customized individual service. For us, this includes end-to-end support and advice in all matters - from data transfer to delivery. Talk to us about your requirements.

  • Address formatting

  • Address maintenance

  • Postage optimization

  • Printing and personalization

  • Shipping documents printing



Whether press, information or sample folders, seasonal gift packages or anything else: we compile the desired content precisely according to your specifications and assemble as many copies as you need.

  • Shipping means

  • Weld-in

  • Article assembly

  • Composition of print products / articles

  • Packing in cartons



For regular mailings of your advertising messages, we offer you the option of storing your mailing documents in our company and sending them on demand

  • Storage of articles

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Promotional item

  • Catalogs

  • Mailers / Envelopes



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